'Quarantine'- A new word added to our dictionary

Updated: Aug 26, 2020


Quarantine - Coronavirus is all over us. It brought extreme changes and novelty to our lifestyle and to each and every thing that used to belong to us. One such thing is the word 'Quarantine'. We hardly new this word earlier. Surprisingly, Covid-19 taught everybody at least a word which starts from 'Q'- good for scrabblers. Our life is changed but the question is it for good or bad? Another question is 'What is actually quarantined?'

We stopped going to pubs, bars, discos, parties, movies, holidays and even hospitals. Is it good or bad? Our money is saved, time is saved and resources are saved. But, our friends are far, neighbor's door is far, workplace is far and our liveliness got quarantined. We are spending 24 hours with our family members, whom we used to give just an hour or so earlier.

We suddenly realized importance of people in our life. We realized how important is our parents and their well being for us. We even realized that we have money that could be saved and how spend thrift we were earlier. We realized the importance of home food and what it feels when everybody dines together. We found ourselves and our creativity.

We got to know that technology could be used for extreme good things like talking to your friends, parents and still getting your work done from home along with your children attending their schools from home. We learnt many things for which we were earlier dependent on others. We are cooking everything at home and now our reactions are like 'Oh bread- I can make it in 30 minutes'. We became chefs, we are our own salons now, our homes are clean too, we are managing our personal and professional life in the best balance we can render and we are happy from inside.

"Nothing is Quarantined, but everything is quarantined" Our dependency, rigidity, self-centered nature, our selfish motives, our boasting, our crying on petty issues, our blaming ideology and our bad lifestyle- these are the things that are actually quarantined, other than these nothing is quarantined.

Lets make it a success, lets not compromise on essentials. This tagline does not only employs to our daily food needs, it also includes our education and work. Do not make it an excuse and quarantine your education.

Get admissions and continue your studies. Technology is not at all quarantined, it is a savior and we all know how to use it judicially.

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