Coronavirus and its impact on Education

Updated: Nov 24, 2020


Coronavirus has affected us in many ways. In real terms, our way of living our life has changed. Its like, the entire world is separated from one other. We have everything and at the same time we do not have any thing. Its becoming like a labyrinthine maze for which no one can find an exit door but many intervene open doors does exist. We have to frame our life within the potential and capabilities of those opened doors, till we finally find a door to exit this pandemic.

One such door is the door to education which is very well supported by the door of technology. But, every individual is taking this pandemic as an opportunity to escape education. The reasons may be different for different individuals. One might think, we can save huge bucks through escaping education this year and the other may think, we got free leisurely hours, what if one year will be wasted, this loss is very well supported by the valid reason.

Coronavirus and its impact

In true sense, it is not the valid reason, its just an assumption that is forcibly dragging it towards validity. People should realize the importance of education and the role of technology. Because of such ignorant people, education is suffering, which is the foundation of future growth of the country. Already world is going through a trough which will damage its economy to a very steep point. Education and technology will prove to be its saviors.

Every year is precious and brings lot of learning. One may miss movies, restaurants, holidaying, travel and parties, but, one should never miss learning and education. Through the help of technology, online classes are scheduled everywhere and digital classrooms are now, the need of an hour.

Nothing remains rigid, everything is dynamic. And so is the education and its platform. Social distancing norm has to be fulfilled, but we are blessed to have such set ups that are bringing people together as a class and delivering the best learning prodigy to the attendees.

Corona's loss will be repaired, but learning loss will not. Corona will last for sometime, but your education will last for ever. We firmly believe you have wisdom to choose the best one- corona or education?

Do not waste your year! Stay safe but stay educated!

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