Business Analytics

Business Analytics hits the top rank among all the courses to grab recruiters’ eye. It is the hot-selling course on which every individual wants their hands on. Fortune school of business is delivering this course at the best price to all its Degree students who really wants to outshine for their future endeavors. The course is listed as an add-on course while commencing and completing your degree and will provide an extra skill set which is highly demanded in the job market. This course is specially designed with custom made topics, languages and data bases to impart the crucial skills of data base extraction, data base management, DB systems, R, Python, SQL and many other languages which are needed passionately in today’s and near future’s job market.

The business analytics market size is growing at the rate of CAGR 9.7% from 2017 to 2023 (According to allied market research). The average starting salary in this field runs from INR 800000 – any limit through the years one gains experience. The companies like TCS, Accenture, CSC, Capgemini, Amazon, Deloitte etc. are the top recruiters in this field. In an entry level, most of these companies requires BBA degree holder and adding a course like this with the degree, will make that icing over the cake beautiful and delicious. The basic job description of this profile is drafting problems, analysing problems, and reaching at the solution through various analysis and interpretation techniques, planning, budgeting, forecasting, monitoring, reporting, pricing, and analysing variances etc.

Fortune School of Business has recruited the best faculty and curriculum for its students. The course will be run for 3 years and have many interesting inclusions. The course will impart necessary data analytics and management skills among the students through regular coding classes, coding assignments, presentations, on the role project training and various capstone projects to be delivered by the students at regular intervals. The certificate will be provided at the end of the successful completion of the course. FSB prepares its students for the future, hence, will thrive to provide placement support judiciously to all its students.

Join the course now and be the market leader!

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